A call for Christians to be more ‘Christ-like’

As someone who identifies with Christianity, I have become increasingly triggered as of lately.

There are everyday people, public figures, leaders in the community and country, and all over social media who claim to be Christian, but are forgetting what the whole religion is based upon.  This religion, and the associated beliefs, is centered around Jesus.  The word Christian literally means to be Christ like, like Jesus Christ.  If Jesus were walking around today, would he mock other people?  Would he mock people based on their appearance, based on their gender, based on their opposing beliefs?

Absolutely not.

The Jesus that we have read about in The Bible lived a life based on love.  He lived and taught us about the love that God gives.  When Jesus was confronted with injustice, he would call out those who were being unfair, but he never ridiculed.  He never became angry (as I am guilty of).  He never judged anyone.  He would speak his truth, say a prayer, and continue to love them.

So where has this true Christian mentality gone?  People claiming to be Christian, Christ-like, are shunning people in need.  They are neglecting the basis of who Jesus is.  They are  forgetting why Jesus came to the Earth in the first place — to save us all from a life of wrong doing.

Is it right to make fun of someone else because of a disability?  Is it right to make fun of someone else because their appearance might be different than ours?  No, the answer is no.  It is wrong.

We have been taught that Jesus was perfect.  We have been taught that he did absolutely nothing wrong.  And yet, even though we are imperfect, we are expected to strive to be better.


On Facebook, I saw an article about a criminal who recently was charged with multiple accounts.  People were not excited to see that he was put in prison, but excited to make fun of him for a different feature.  Christian groups were passing around these photos mocking, making jokes up based on how he looked.  Would Jesus have ever done anything like that?  The answer is no.  Jesus probably would have been praying for this criminal, and praying for the people who find it acceptable to make fun of him.  It doesn’t matter if someone is committed of a crime or the leader of our church, no one deserves to be made fun of, to be mocked.  This is not what The Bible teaches us.  This is not what any religion teaches us.

Most religions are very similar in the basis of their beliefs:  they each teach kindness and compassion, love and justice, non-judgment and non-violence, prayer and forgiveness.

If we are neglecting these principles, we are doing something WRONG.  If we are being cruel, calling people names, etc. in the name of religion, we are WRONG.


I fall short of perfection every day.  Every hour, every moment.  But, we must do better.  Despite differences or political parties, we must do better.

If we claim a religion, myself included, we must do our very best to portray that belief system in everything we do and say.  We must practice love, kindness, and grace in everyday life.

* I am guilty of doing wrong too.  I am imperfect.  I need to improve how I communicate kindness.  I need to show more compassion to myself and every single person I encounter.  When I am leading with love, there is no space for judgment.


Concerned Christian,


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