a week back to balance (cont.)

As I continue this journey back to a more balanced life, I am beginning to feel better physically and mentally.  When I am eating reasonable portions, I feel satisfied but not overly so.  I am fully aware that it would be better to have a side of spinach instead of a side of corn or chips.  But I like Mexican food!  So buying organic and putting a few on my plate, rather than eating out of the bag or a bowl, is a healthy step.  Moderation and healthy choices!

This past Thursday morning I taught a hot yoga, power vinyasa class.  I also practiced in my home throughout the day.  These are some of my favorite days of practice, I leave my mat out and revisit it whenever I have a moment.  Some of these times are 20-30 minutes and sometimes I’ll just do one sun salutation, but I really enjoy it.  My mat is a reminder to choose observing the breath, movement, and/or stretching over watching tv or taking a nap.

Breakfast was a quick vegan blueberry yogurt.  Lunch was a burrito made with organic beans and a few organic tortilla chips.  Snack: fresh organic peach  Dinner:  I was super tired and lazy, so I had a bowl of cereal with almond milk and an organic orange.  I try to buy only organic cereal or granola, and right now I’m really into Cascadian Farm’s Raisin Bran.  So yum and USDA certified!  If I snack at night, I’ll lean towards seaweed snacks 🙂  Very few veggies today so I’ll be sure to have a juice in the morning and some fresher food for snacks Friday.


Friday began with me sleeping in!  I meant to go to the store early in the morning, but our pup got really sick Thursday night.  John and I also don’t always get to eat meals together, so I try to take advantage when we have the chance.  Unfortunately, since I hadn’t made it to the store, we got fast food after sleeping late.  I had a grilled cheese and tater tots for lunch.  If you know me personally, you know how I hate resorting to eating greasy, unhealthy food.  However, I can’t seem to recall the last time this happened.  Maybe last month or even weeks before that?  My point is, it is okay to not have fresh organic for every single meal.  And don’t dwell when you slip up.  Plus sometimes it’s simply not an option.  On the other hand, we should also prepare for times like these so we are not without healthier options. For dinner I had an organic whole wheat tortilla filled with rice, carrots and a side of guacamole.

A few of my physical issues, for one reason or another, have also improved.  My nausea has ceased (I think this recently had more to do with stress) and it has overall been better for a few weeks.  My annoyingly sensitive skin is very smooth and moisturized, at the moment.

I’m pretty pleased with my progress and small changes last week.  I had some set backs, but negativity is not something I’m interested in.  A healthy lifestyle is my ultimate goal. This week I will be adding more fresh juices to the mix!

First juice was this morning with kale, pineapple, banana, strawberries, and chia seeds.  😊


Be happy,


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