Letting Go

The other day on my Instagram story, I shared a situation I felt very strongly about.  During this story, I vented about how I disagree with the use of shock collars for pets.

Here is what happened and my argument:

I went into the bank to change my official name, and sat down with a very kind employee.  As it turns out, the woman lives in the same neighborhood that we just moved to.  She happened to say if I saw her two dogs out on a walk, they must have gotten out of their fence.  I am very used to seeing dogs wander around, so I am always careful and cautious as I drive through the neighborhood, and anywhere really.  She told me that since they have a tendency to get out of the fence, she gave them shock collars.  Immediately, I felt like this somehow offended me personally.  I was very kind to her as I simply stated, “oh I just don’t agree with shock collars.”  And she proceeded to tell me that it is the only option for her animals.  I tried to hold in my frustration, so I wouldn’t take it out on her.  Without much knowledge and pet education, shock collars may seem like the only option, but it is not true.  I have a massive problem with the kind of trouble and harm that it can cause to the dog.  Anyway, I left the bank and sat in my car steaming for a while, and then vented on my Instagram story what happened and was said…

No matter what you may tell me, the dangers of letting animals get out of the fence or otherwise, I will never subject my animals, my fur babies, to that form of “discipline.”


At the end of the Instagram story, I stated that by sharing my frustration with you all, I was hoping to release this anger.  I wanted to let go, and continue loving animals and people like I know how.  And you know what?

I did not think about that incident all afternoon.  Only when my husband came home from work did I recall the story to him.

It later occurred to me, I really did let go!  There was nothing I could do for these two sweet dogs; the lady was not willing to listen to my plea, and I let go of the situation I was not in control of.  While it still affected me, it does not serve me to remain upset about her decision.  Speaking up and doing my part is all I can do sometimes, and it’s better than nothing.

Letting go and choosing surrender is not an easy path, quite the opposite.  But with true intention, the mind will free itself from clinging onto what is not mine.

Some of the ways to help me let go of certain situations or thoughts are: meditating on surrender, talking about it (whether that is through social media, writing, calling a friend, or just talking out loud to God), and moving forward with positive intention and Hope.


Take a moment right now, close your eyes and take a few deep gradual breaths.  As you inhale imagine taking in more space for understanding, love, and patience, and exhale out judgement, negativity, and control.


Happy surrendering! 🙏🙏🙏

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