Birth Plan

Experts now recommend that pregnant mothers and their birthing coach make up a “birth plan” and let their team know.  The purpose is to make the mother and her supporters feel more comfortable about labor and delivery and have a little guide of what to expect.

And so.  I will begin to create my birth plan, present it to my doctor, be open for changes, and be willing to update it as baby and I need.  At 30 weeks pregnant, I feel it’s important to really prepare myself for our future that is fast approaching.


  1. I would like to remain at home as long as we can.  Labor at home means I can stay with the pup and kitties, eat what I want, take a shower, take a bath, and walk around more freely.  My hope is that I can stay at home until I’m dilated about 4 centimeters.
  2. I will eat a little at home while I labor (fruits, crackers, light snacks).  There will be no caffeine or soft drinks, preferably only juice and water.
  3. To help ease contractions, I will use my birthing (exercise) ball, do light stretches, and walk around the house.  My husband will also hopefully rub my back as I stretch on the counter.
  4. Currently, I am working on my delivery playlist.  There will be a mix of favorite bands, calming songs, and empowering music that makes me feel good.
  5. Since candles and incense are not allowed in the hospital, I will enjoy using them at home to create a relaxing environment.  Once we travel to the hospital, I will take an oil diffuser and use lavender, chamomile, and patchouli (my favorite) essential oils.
  6. To keep me focused during contractions or to inspire me, I am taking photos of my husband and me, Italy (Florence in particular), and Sarah Belle, our angel.
  7. I am planning on using a mirror to see the birth, or at least part of it.  I know this might be a little intimate and intimidating, but I believe it will help me see what I need to do and encourage strength.
  8. The only people allowed in the hospital room during labor are John, my husband, and my dad.  My dad is a strong and calming presence, and a doctor, so I know he will be kind and positive.
  9. As of now, I am avoiding an epidural.  I want this birth to be unmedicated.  This also means I need support from those around me.  If I end up deciding to have an epidural once labor progresses, I will be open to that when it is time.  If it is 100% necessary, of course I am open to a c-section because the baby’s needs are most important.
  10. John will be encouraged to take photos on our Go-Pro or Canon during labor.  I want to remember the journey and one day share my experience.
  11. My doctor said she prefers if I use an IV to monitor the baby’s heart rate, but I am hoping to not have to use it the entire time.
  12. Things that I will be prepared for, but do not plan on having: epidural, episiotomy, artificial rupture of membranes, and/or enema.
  13. If I do not grab the baby myself as they exit the birth canal, John will hand me baby.  He will also tell me if baby is a BOY or GIRL.
  14. I prefer for my husband to cut the cord, too.
  15. We can postpone weighing the baby and administering the eye drops until after we have skin-to-skin contact.  That will be the first thing that happens.
  16. Within the first hour, I will breastfeed the little one.
  17. Baby will stay in the room with us AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  When they need their bath, weigh-in, or pediatric exam, Papa or I will go with the baby.
  18. Anyone that is WELL is welcome to visit after we have a full hour with just us and the baby.  The first hour is for skin-to-skin with Mama and Papa.  After that, family and close friends can come visit the hospital room.
  19. If baby is a boy, they will be circumcised at some point during our visit.  I hope John can check on “him” often during this process.
  20. During the whole labor, I hope to use my fairy and goddess cards, pray, meditate, recite Bible verses, and feel constantly supported and cared for by my darling husband.


I am writing and editing our hospital stay packing list, as well as packing for the 48 hours.  If we end up needing to stay longer, I will have family close that will hopefully be willing to get us what we need.

Only 10 weeks left until we will meet Baby Bear!




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