Keeping up with Intentions

At the beginning of each year, we set intentions or expectations of things we want to improve throughout the year.  As the days and months go on, some of those intentions drift away and our focus lessens.  There are a few ways to help you throughout your year!  It is only a few weeks into the New Year, so there is plenty of time to stay (or get back) on track.

First, remember that these intentions can ALWAYS be adjusted to the season of your life.  One of my goals for the year is to do more cardio activities– walking, hiking, swimming.  Surprisingly, it snowed and iced for a few days in addition to the freezing weather.  During these times, I did not force myself out in the cold.  Some people thrive in cold winter months, but this Louisiana girl becomes a hermit!  My pregnancy has also caused a little discomfort in my abdomen, preventing me from being able to go on long walks.  I do not allow myself to feel guilty because I know this will pass, and I will be more inspired within days or even weeks.  This week, the weather has been beautiful and warmer and my pain has lessened, so I have been able to go walking with our puppy!

Second, be patient with the process.  Not everything changes or happens overnight.  Let’s say one intention is to eat healthier.  If you are used to eating fast food and drinking alcohol heavily, stopping cold turkey will only drive you right back to those habits from intense cravings.  It is best to make little changes at a time: eat an apple after the meal, have a glass of red wine instead of 4 beers, or drink water before and after a cup of coffee.  The effort of making small changes will encourage you to continue adding on good habits and eventually create eating healthy on a regular basis!

Next, record your goals, changes, TIPS, and progress updates.  Keeping a written account of your progress will help you maintain motivation and let you know how far you have come.

Lastly, discuss your intentions with someone who will participate with you or keep you accountable.  Not only does it benefit your journey to speak aloud about your experiences, but it might even motivate you further to have a friend beside you!  Friends always make everything more fun, and having someone along for the ride will make it more meaningful in the long haul.  So find someone who will listen to you, or better yet, share an intention and follow through with you!


Using these tips now and as we get further into the year will definitely help you to stay on track with your goals!  Coming from a place of positive thinking and love will also help to keep up with your intentions.

Best of luck in 2018,



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