A heart of gratitude

A few nights ago: Sitting quietly, watching The Office (what else), enjoying a beer, and being so thankful.


We have gotten into a routine, and I think it helps baby bear.  Each night at 8:30, Lucca gets a bath or showers with me, pajamas, big bottle of breastmilk from Papa, snuggles, and falls asleep on his Papa.  Then John falls asleep 😍

I then get to pump for the following day, do the dishes, drink a beer or have some dessert, get caught up on cleaning or laundry, then I am off to bed by 10:30.  I get almost two whole hours of being an adult.  Having my arms to myself!  And I’m usually rushing to do everything so I can get to sleep…

I should, or could, do yoga.  Sometime I’ll allow myself that pleasure.  However I don’t accomplish many, if any, household chores and prefer to wake up to some cleanliness.  Honestly though, my body and mind need yoga.  That will be my intention for the next week: spend at least 2 nights on my yoga mat.  Healing, breathing, resting.
The other night as I looked through my photos from the day, I fell more in love.  Even though John and I do not get any alone time, seeing him with Lucca completes me.  Our time will come back, for now our focus is all Lucca.  And trying to get some rest!  Seeing John father our little boy is the most wonderful thing.  When I see them cuddle and fall asleevp, I let them enjoy each other’s company.  It’s so sweet.  This life is so sweet.
And I am so lucky. 💚

It is very important for me to remember to be grateful.  During the chaos of daylight (and many nights), I can get lost in the baby’s screaming, crying, needs of cuddling, breastfeeding every hour, never-ending diapers, and stressful car rides.  *There are sooo many beautiful, terrific moments too, but those times are not stressful.

In the sweet moments it is easy to be thankful.  It is in the challenging times it is more difficult to remember gratitude.  In harder times, we can get lost in self pity, negative cycles, and feelings of hopelessness.  But if we can take a few deep breaths, we can return our focus to gratitude.

Being a mother is lovely, but reminders never hurt.



In gratitude,


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